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BMW X7 ute: German brand shows off new luxury dual-cab ute

The Advertiser 2019-07-08 06:52:00

Deep within the halls of BMW’s Munich headquarters, there are many people who love a good ute.

We know this because the manufacturer keeps building them. Practical trayback versions of the 3-Series, X4 and M3 have emerged from its workshops in years gone by as a way to drum up publicity for the brand.

And here we are again with a conversion based on the latest X7 SUV.

Built by trainees from its technical department, the X7 ute debuted at a motorcycle show on the weekend. Which might be why you can fit a BMW F 850 GS motorcycle in the tray.

Key features include a reworked interior with seating for five (as opposed to seven) occupants and a tray beautifully finished with polished wood trim.

Unfortunately for us Australians, BMW has no plans to put the pick-up into production.

Unlike Mercedes, which offers the Nissan Navara-based X-Class ute, BMW is not interested in working with mainstream brands to create commercial vehicles.

Speaking with back in 2017, BMW executive Hendrik von Kuenheim said “I think that [Mercedes ute] is appalling”.

“You would have expected something more serious,” he said.

“[It is] very cheap, very plasticky, not very much Mercedes-like.”

While we’re unlikely to see a BMW ute go into production any time soon, you would be bold to bet against the band flirting with another concept in the future.

Originally published as BMW reveals luxury dual-cab ute