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Go Green! Schools Kids In Assam Show Interest In Organic Farming

Whats Hot 2019-07-09 20:18:06

 The growing need for organic farming has revamped the age-old concept of farming as countless urban farmers are shunning the necessity of using chemical-based fertilisers, pesticides, plant growth hormones and even antibiotics. Imbibing the newfangled techniques of organic farming eventually lead to less soil erosion, less pollution, less wastage of energy. On the other hand, you can spot a remarkable ‘positive’ difference as there is a commendable boost to soil fertility and a steady increase in water conservation

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Realising the need for incorporating the benefits of choosing the organic way, over 500 schools across the seven districts of Assam are now teaching the children to grow their own vegetables and show respect to the environment. As it seemed, the children miraculously developed a fascination for consuming the nutrient-rich vegetables and embraced a healthier way of living. The reason behind it was their active involvement in farming organic vegetables in their school backyards and later consuming them as a part of their midday meals - a much-needed sense of achievement! This encouraged them to learn more about progressive farming techniques as they indulged in something they considered as a fun activity.

Image courtesy: Inside NE

Tagged as budding ‘farmpreneurs’ and being associated with the Farm2Food Foundation, these children are motivated by producing chemical-free vegetables that are 100% natural and safe for daily consumption. The inclusion of ‘nutrition gardens’ in the schools makes sure that the kids achieve a good amount of profit by making use of cost-effective, energy-saving procedures. Plus, these talented kids have a scientific bent of mind and are eager to create vermicompost, bio-pesticides vermiwash by applying their acquired knowledge and latent creativity. These school children are making an honest effort to protect the environment, and so should we! 

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