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Govt for strict vigil on food items supplied to AWC's

CrossTown News 2019-07-09 20:29:04

SRINAGAR, JUNE 9: Government has directed the Social Welfare department to ensure that unsafe food is not provided to children and pregnant women at Anganwari centers.

These directions have come after sample of "Channa Whole" lifted at ICDS Center Bandipora by Commissionerate of Food Safety and Anti Corruption Bureau was referred to Food Labaratory, Kolkata and was found unsafe after reanalysis by it.

The Commissioner Food safety has directed the concerned officers dealing with the food items being supplied to Anganwadi Centers in the state to be very careful and vigilant in checking the quality of the food items being received from suppliers.

The officers and officials of the Commisionerate have also been directed to keep a strict vigil on the same by regular inspections.