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Rise and fall of Dosa King and Sarwana Bhawan owner Rajagopal; killed his employee to marry his wife

News 24 Online 2019-07-10 04:48:00

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, July 10: This is straight from a Bollywood thriller when a rich man on the suggestion of his astrologer kills his employer's son-in-law to marry his wife and become a billionaire. This is no reel-story but this happened with the Dosa King and Sarwana Bhawan owner Rajagopal.

The story starts from Tuticorin where the son of an onion farmer Rajagopal followed his dream and came to Chennai to make it big. Rajagopal started off as a grocery shop owner who had to struggle very hard to make both ends meet.

His instinct suggested and he followed. Knowing well that there are very few eateries, the idea of starting a restaurant struck. This further got a direction when his astrologer suggested that he should do a business related to fire.

And since then there was no looking back. To build an image of his eatery he first ran the restaurant on loss by selling each plate at Rs 1. Even during that time, he ensured that the quality is not compromised with.

And slowly but steadily his eatery, Sarwana Bhawan became a name to reckon with; not just in India but across the world.And today Saravana Bhavan can boast of over 39 restaurants in India and over 43 restaurants abroad. Not just that, Saravana Bhavan today has a revenue of over Rs 29 billion.

Astrologer has ensured that he becomes a successful entrepreneur, so how could he ignore his second advice?He was further advised by the astrologer that he should marry the daughter of his employee to become a millionaire.

Jeevajothi was the daughter of an assistant manager at one of Saravana Bhavan's Chennai branches.

Rajagopal, who already had two wives, started wooing Jeevajothi who was in love with another man. She discouraged these advances and got married to the love of her life Prince Santhakumar.

Rajagopal kidnapped the couple and murdered Prince.

later his body was found by the forest department officials from inside the Tiger Chola forests in Kodaikanal and the reason of death was asphyxia due to throttling. The cloth with which he was throttled was also discovered later by the police and this became the reason of his nemesis.

No amount of astrology helped and the king of dosa had to surrender after the Supreme Court order.

On July 9 Rajagopal made a dramatic entry in the high court arriving in an ambulance with an oxygen mask attached to his face. Rajagopal is now admitted to the prison ward of the Stanley Hospital in Chennai where he has a lot of time o think and ponder over his deeds.

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