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The Only iPhone Spyware Detection App in the World

Geeky Gadgets 2019-07-10 22:30:26


The ability to monitor somebody’s phone is no longer a resource exclusive to governments and spy agencies. Nowadays, anyone from a jealous partner to a prying boss can snoop on someone’s device.

Many of us have long believed that Apple devices are immune to this kind of hacking. And Apple themselves are more than happy for their customers to believe this. In fact, there are hundreds of spy apps available for the iPhone, starting from as little as $39.

These ultra-intrusive apps (such as FlexiSpy, mSpy and Highster) allow calls, emails, text messages and photos to be silently monitored from anywhere in the world. It’s easier than you might think and many can be setup in matter of minutes by a non-technical person.

If you’re concerned about spyware finding its way onto your iPhone, you’ll probably do what we did and head over to the App Store to get an anti-spyware app. However, you’ll find that these apps don’t exist.

Given the popularity of iPhones, this may seem strange, but the reason actually lies with Apple themselves as they don’t allow anti-spyware apps within their App Store. Hard to believe isn’t it? That for one of the most popular phones in the world, the average user has no way to check if their device is hacked.

That’s where Certo comes in. An awesome startup that we recently found who tackle just this problem with their tool – Certo iPhone.

Certo iPhone can detect spyware and other security vulnerabilities and they claim they can even do so when the spy app is completely invisible. So how do they do this? Certo harnesses the power of your computer, allowing them to detect all sorts of malicious apps and files on any iPhone or iPad. Just connect your device to your computer via USB and off it goes.

The software is super easy to use and the scan only takes a couple of minutes to run.  Once complete, it will tell you if your iPhone has any spyware installed and whether it’s been secretly Jailbroken. There’s even a cool feature for the privacy conscious that lists the permissions of each app on your phone, for example if you want to know which apps can track and monitor your location.

This unique product is the first of its kind and takes a completely new approach to iPhone security. Before Certo, iPhone users concerned about spyware could only lookout for the tell-tale signs, such as a fast draining battery or high data usage. Hardly a conclusive check!

So, if you’re worried about spyware on your iPhone then we you should definitely check out Certo today.

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post. Geeky Gadgets has been compensated for this post.

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