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AMMSO volunteers found huge lack of facilities in Rahmania High School Kshetrigao

E Pao 2019-07-10 00:00:00

Source: IT News

Imphal, July 10 2019: All Manipur Muslim Students Organization (AMMSO) volunteers today inspected Rahmania High School and found out huge lack of facilities for the School.

Highlighting the various lack of facilities of the school Secretary General of AMMSO Yunush Ali Khullakpam in a press release said that the school doesn't have any teachers for English, Social Science and Meetei Mayek.

He stated that the school was run by 11 teachers teaching a total of 285 students and also there were no separate toilets for boys and girls.

The school lacks desk, bench, computer, white board, school uniform, mid day meal, drinking water tank and many more for the class room, Yunush added.

AMMSO volunteers found huge lack of facilities in Rahmania High School Kshetrigao

Yunush further urged the authority to made Rahmania High School a proper government school as the present school was an aided one.

Clarifying the events that took place yesterday where volunteers of AMMSO tries to lock down MOBC Boys' Hostel which is situated at DM College of Commerce Yunush said that they have no relation with the ones using the name of AMMSO who tried to lock the hostel.

He said that the ones using the names of AMMSO and terrifying the hostellers should come to them.

And he further warned that strong actions will be taken up against those who terrified the students, if they fail to come to them.

Yunush also said that AMMSO will never do anything which is against the welfare of the students.

He appealed the people to take care of the ones who are using the names of AMMSO.