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SDC Wray & Nephew National Community T/20 Cricket reaches Super 8 stage

Jamaica Observer 2019-07-18 10:33:47

The SDC Wray & Nephew National T20 Community Cricket Competition is nearing its conclusion as it has now reached the quarter-final stage.

Eight teams are left in the competition with the quarter-final round to be contested this weekend. Two games will be contested on Saturday at Chedwin Park. Johnson Mountain from St Thomas will battle Orange from St James at 10:00 am, while Orange of Westmoreland will face off against Fairfield of Manchester at 2:00 pm.

On Sunday Links United of St Ann will take on White River, also from St Ann, at 10:00 am followed by Gayle from St Mary up against Junction/Ballards Valley of St Elizabeth. Both matches will be played at Three Hills.

The two best performing teams of the round will automatically advance to the semi-finals, while the worst two performing teams will be eliminated. The other four teams will then face off once more in a play-off next weekend at French Park in Manchester for the right to join the top two teams in the semi-finals scheduled for August 11.

Dr Dwayne Vernon, executive director at the SDC, said that there are indications that the competition is growing.

“We find that this year, the majority of the teams that are at the quarter-final stage are here for the first time, so that is good for the competition because that means it is growing.”

Dr Vernon explained that the double-elimination format is designed to ensure the best teams make the final four.

“The idea is for everybody to really play hard and play strong because there is no guarantee, even if you win, that you will go into the semi-finals, so it does strengthen the competition and makes the games more exciting and allows for the best teams to make it to the final four.”

Nadia Kiffin Green, marketing manager of title sponsors Wray & Nephew, promised to continue to add excitement as the competition continues.

“We are so happy to be involved with the Wray & Nephew SDC T20 competition and we are definitely bringing the vibes. Our tag is, share our spirit, and when we look on how the communities come out to support the teams we try to ensure that the spectators get an experience, so we enjoy the sixes and the fours and we have our 'run carts'.

“The spectators can participate as well: thunder sticks and horns to make the noise. And of course our drinks specials are there as well. We engage the bars in the communities so they can come out as well, so we try to stimulate economic activity in the community as well.”

There is also the opportunity for players and patrons to earn cash based on the skill level and how lucky they are.

“We are making sure the players have an opportunity to win. If they can score a six and hit our inflatable Wray & Nephew bottle they get $10,000, and if any of the spectators take a catch they also win cash prizes as well,” she said.

Lasco Money has been associated with the SDC T20 Competition for the last decade and Marketing Manager Danielle Harris-Drysdale says they plan to continue their association for a long time to come.

“For the past 10 years, LASCO Money has batted for the natural sporting talent of the over 5,000 players islandwide; we have been bowled over by the many opportunities presented to our cricketers to represent at the regional level, and we have cheered for the restaurants, bars, hotels, sports shops, corner shops and supermarkets that have benefited directly and indirectly from the matches.

“It comes as no surprise then that this year, LASCO 3 Money comes on board to lend its support to the SDC on their drive to build our nation through community-driven initiatives that educate, entertain and contribute to the overall sustainability of our economy,” said Harris-Drysdale.