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Stadia Won't Support Mods At Launch, But It's Being Considered

Android Headlines 2019-07-18 22:17:24

Among the many new developments about Stadia that were learned from today's official Stadia AMA, it would seem that mod support for the platform is actually being considered. They won't be available at launch, and there's actually no confirmation that they will eventually be added but the team at Stadia is looking into how to implement this feature for the service.

One user in the official Stadia AMA that took place this morning at 10AM PST asked about support for mods and whether it would be coming to the platform, and Stadia's Director of Product who was hosting the AMA responded by saying that mod support would not be available at launch in November but that the team does want to have mod support added for the future, and that they were working with developers to figure out the best way to make mod support for Stadia a reality.

If you're unsure what mods are, this is simply short for modifications. Mod support in games has been around for a long time on PC, and perhaps most famous for games like Skyrim which has more mods that you can shake a stick at. Even today with Skyrim being nearly eight years old there are still mods being made for the game and it's still being played by loads of fans.

This is because mods allow players to enhance the game in any number of ways, from changing characters to look like other characters to simply enhancing the look of the visuals. Then there are games like World of Warcraft where the mods allow you not only to change the look of the game's user interface but also to add all sorts of useful tools to the gameplay like meters for damage and healing so you know how well you're doing in specific boss encounters.

Mods essentially open up games so that they can be improved upon, and with mod support on Stadia players would likely be more receptive to the service when compared to another popular platform like Steam which does support mods and has for a long time.

Though mod support won't likely be changing the minds of skeptics overnight, it would check one box off the list when it comes to things that consumers are interested in and want Stadia to have, and the Stadia team sharing this passion for mod support and having a vision for adding it in certainly makes for some level of hope that the feature will show up on the platform at some time in the future.

It's still the middle of the year and there are still a good few months before Stadia launches, so it's highly unlike that mod support will be added before the end of the year, but the fact that the Stadia team is currently working with developers on a solution for how to implement them is a good sign that they will eventually show up and that they could be coming sometime early next year alongside a few other features.