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Successful Radical Prostatectomy performed to treat Prostate Cancer

Udaipur Kiran 2019-07-20 06:24:35

Udaipur : Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Urologists have performed a successful Radical Prostatectomy on a 62 years old man suffering from prostate cancer. The team of doctors was led by Dr. Vishwas Baheti, accompanied by Urologist Dr. Pankaj Trivedi and Anesthetist Dr. Uday Pratap. Radical prostatectomy is an operation to remove the prostate gland and tissues surrounding it. This usually includes the seminal vesicles and some nearby lymph nodes. Radical prostatectomy can cure prostate cancer in men whose cancer is limited to the prostate.

“Pali resident, Bhuda Ram (Age 62 years) reported with urinary problems & increased PSA. On investigations of TRUS Guided Needle Biopsy & MRI, prostate cancer was diagnosed. Since the patient was younger than 75 years of age and prostate cancer was localized (limited to prostate); so radical prostatectomy was opted to tend to get the most benefit from it for the patient. A vertical 8- to 10-inch incision below the belly button was made & Radical prostatectomy was performed through this incision. The surgery lasted 4.5 hours,” said Dr. Baheti.

Risks of Radical Prostatectomy

“Radical prostatectomy has a risk of serious complications. Important nerves travel through the prostate controlling the urine continence (the function to control urine) & erectile function. Skilled surgery is required to protect most of these nerves during radical prostatectomy. Still, complications from inadvertent nerve damage do occur after radical prostatectomy. These are mainly Urinary incontinence, Erectile dysfunction, bleeding after the operation, urinary leaks, blood clots, infection & narrowing of the urethra blocking the urine flow. But on follow up & ultrasound investigations of this patient, he was not suffering from any of these. The patient recovered well,” said Dr. Vishwas Baheti.

Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s CEO Mr. Prateem Tamboli said that, “Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Urology Department has the South Rajasthan’s most experienced and skilled team of Urologists available round the clock. The procedure so chosen demanded skills & expertise to which the team managed to bring smile to their patient. Also, this department is capable of treating all minor & major surgeries related to any type of urological problems. Since many prostate cancers grow slowly it is advisable to get a prostate screening after the age of 50 years.”

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