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Things You need to learn before selling a car online

News Track 2019-07-20 01:36:00

In this rushing life, the trend of selling and buying cars online is gaining momentum. Because online shopping is as simple as it is dangerous. Online frauds are being seen a lot these days. In this report, we are making you know what to keep in mind before selling a car online. so you don't harm anyone. And you can sell your car to the right price and the right person. Also, save the car registration paper. Try to keep those papers of the last two years in your file. Keep the papers with you if you have made any changes or any parts of the car or even have to do the service. You can create a file for all these papers. It will only benefit you. Let's know the full details

Make a file on the entire history of servicing your car on paper. After all, the advantage is that whenever you show your car to someone, the customer will trust you that your car is right and that your car is not tampered with or with other technical aspects. This will make the car deal good. If a customer is coming to see your car, clean the car completely, if possible, you can do the washing, it will clean your car and any customer who comes to see your car will like the car.

Sell your car online or offline anywhere. Always keep the price right. You can also find out the re-sale value of your car online. Or you can also find out what's going on in the local market. Keep in mind that you should keep a small margin while deciding the price so that you can negotiate with the customer. You don't keep your car's fixed price at all or it can spoil your deal.

You can also use social media or websites to sell your car. This will enable as many customers as possible to know about your car. You can take great photos of each part of your car for promotion. You can take pictures of the car's front, back, cabin, speedometer, and engine, etc. You can give all the details of your car in clear ad. 

Don't rush into finalizing any of your car deals. Get all the details of whoever is selling or showing the car. Don't go to a deserted place to show the car. Take someone from a friend or family with you. Don't let the car alone for the test drive of any customer who is watching your car. Keep all the papers in the car with you. There have been frequent cases of people taking a car on the pretext of a test drive and running the car alone. Then there's a lot of trouble. If your car's deal is final, transfer the registration paper to rTO. During this time, be aware of yourself and do not trust the customer. Make sure that you know from the RTO that your name has now been removed from the car paper and the customer's name has gone up. While it takes a while, it is the most important thing in terms of safety.

For your information, there have been some serious cases. Nowadays people are selling their old cars on OLX, where you will find a lot of secondhand cars. But you don't know that the number plate on the OLX is clearly visible with a car photo that people forget to blur and that's what some people take advantage of. Criminals are copying the number plates of vehicles on the OLX and using them in their vehicle in criminal cases. A similar incident has recently been witnessed in Dehradun, and the thieves have confessed their wrongdoing when they are caught. He said he used to prepare the number plate of the same number according to the number plate of the vehicles uploaded for sale in OLX. The fake number plates were then used in the stolen vehicle. so that they can't get into the police's grip. Such incidents are more likely to occur during the afternoon hours.