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When donkeys were made up like the zebras in the Safari party theme; people made fun in this way!

News Track 2019-07-20 02:23:00

Humans do anything to satisfy their selfishness and desires. At times, it can happen that no one is lost. You may sometimes get into this trap, which means you're a joke. One such shocking case has come to light where some people made donkey as zebras to maintain the party theme. So let's know what the whole case is.

Indeed, the case is of a Spanish beach town where some people made donkey as zebras to maintain the party theme. You can't imagine what happened after that. As the picture of donkeys went viral on social media, people began to set up classes. The user made a variety of comments and was ridiculed. A wedding was held here. The theme of the wedding was based on Safari. During this time the animals were kept to show the real atmosphere of the wedding.

The case worsened when two donkeys were painted like zebras and exposed to the public. Then one person caught sight of these donkeys. In fact, it was revealed that the man who attended the reception saw two donkeys in the park and there was some suspicion. Then he looked at them carefully and found that both are asses.

This shameful act complained to the Animal Rights Activist. The man then shared a picture and video of the zebra-made donkeys on social media. It is written that this insult of donkeys is and threatens their survival.