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These 5 Essential Habits of The Office Will Keep You Away From Heart Diseases

News Track 2019-08-11 06:05:00

At present, people are under a lot of stress due to heavy workload. He is unable to take care of his health properly. One statistic is that we can prevent 80 per cent of heart disease deaths, all we have to do is to control harmful factors, such as stopping tobacco use, eating harmful items for health and physical inactivity, more at one place. To avoid sitting long and so on.

Sixty per cent of the time we spend a day in our office passes by. Therefore, we need to promote some good habits at our place of work to prevent heart diseases. Regular exercise and nutritional food can have a very positive effect on stress management and every function of the human body. The high blood pressure and cholesterol required to be tested 1 time a year have a negative effect on the heart system.

Regular testing helps in successfully preventing heart disease. Eat whole food, fruits, vegetables. Exercise is a good option to encourage employees to exercise during breaks. Having gyms, tennis courts, etc., at work place, employees are active in regular exercise and sports. This encourages the employees to be physically active. Include good amount of fibre in lunch and take your lunch box from home instead of eating outside.

Having abundant fibre in food will reduce the calories you eat from the supplements and it is good for your stomach. Avoid sugary snacks in break time. Keep walking and strolling comfortably after lunch. Use stairs instead of elevators. If there is no distance from the bus stand to the house or office, just get off and walk on foot. In addition, keep walking at the workplace. People with positive thinking are 9 per cent less likely to have heart disease than those with positive thinking. This reduces cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depressive.