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How Vivek dashed Ravi Prakash’s hopes?

Times south 2019-08-12 11:45:00

Joining of former MP and Dalit leader G Vivek in the BJP could have an unlikely effect on former CEO of TV9 Ravi Prakash!! Yes. Vivek’s entry might badly hit Raviprakash. Now, what is the connection between Vivek and Ravi Prakash and how Vivek’s decision will affect Ravi Prakash?

Ravi Prakash, who is now facing the worst crisis of his life by facing cases filed by TV9 management, wanted to turn the tables on the TRS boss KCR and Jupally Rameshwar Rao by joining hands with the BJP. He sent feelers that he was going to get support from the BJP to start a pro-Modi channel in several Indian languages. Many people even believed him. But, now that Vivek has joined the BJP, the party does not need Ravi Prakash’s support . Vivek’s channel is highly rated and has a considerably decent TRPs. So, the BJP might be cool to Ravi Prakash’s overtures. 

On the other hand, Ravi Prakash is unable to draw investors for his new venture due to his past actions as TV9 CEO. He had completely dominated the investors and did whatever he wanted. So, the investors are wary of Ravi Prakash. Thus, he has nowhere to go now.