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Chief Election Commissioner responds to EVM critics

News Track 2019-08-12 11:51:00

EVMs have been under a lot of questions in recent times. Opposition parties have often questioned the impartiality of EVMs. The Chief Election Commissioner has given a befitting reply to the critics of the EVMs on the allegations. Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora has said that the allegation of tampering of Electronic Voting Machines is not true and was made with criminal intent.

Aroa, who arrived in Kolkata on Saturday to attend the annual Business Conclave organised by the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences and IIM, said that EVMs are also a machine and can sometimes be damaged like other equipment, but it cannot be tampered with. Arora said the malfunction is very different from molestation. EVMs cannot be tampered with. If you say so, you have a criminal intention that makes us feel bad.

He said two highly reputed public companies have designed EVMs. Safety features of the machine have been taken care of and designed under the supervision of Emeritus professors. Talking about the role of the Election Commission in conducting elections, Arora said that the election is related to law and constitution on the one hand and administration and management on the other. Every unit has its own importance. The Chief Election Commissioner also admitted that there were technical snags in some EVMs which had to be replaced.

He said, the Election Commission had to make some changes during the Lok Sabha elections, some officials, including one from West Bengal. During the recent Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission had accused of taking of not taking tough stand against PM Modi.