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PM Modi's big statement on Section 370 says, "This is our internal issue, it's a conscious decision"

News Track 2019-08-12 11:52:00

Srinagar: Modi government has taken a historic decision on Jammu and Kashmir. The demand for the abrogation of Section 370, which would give special status to Jammu and Kashmir, had been on the rise for a long time, but the issue remained averted every time. But Narendra Modi's government took a decision in this regard, which is being described as the biggest decision ever taken by the Modi government in its second term.

On the decision, PM Modi said that he has taken a very conscious decision and has put forward a major plan for the government on Kashmir to accelerate development in the Valley. In an interview to an English newspaper, PM Modi briefed on the Kashmir issue. He said, the decision taken by our government on the Valley is a purely internal matter. We have taken this decision very carefully, we are confident that it will greatly benefit the people of the Valley.

In his address to the nation, PM Modi talked about investment in the Valley and mentioned 'New Kashmir'. On this, he has said that after my appeal, many top industrialists in the country have also expressed their desire to invest in Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Modi said, it is very important to move forward in an open environment today so that the youth can get new opportunities.