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Government prepares new course for schooling in Sanskrit

News Track 2019-08-12 01:17:00

The Modi government at the Centre has been very active in the development of Sanskrit language. Several senior MPs and ministers of the government were sworn in in Sanskrit in Parliament. Now, The government will give schooling in Sanskrit as well. Under the scheme, studies from 1st to 8th standard will be held in Sanskrit. However, the subjects will be under the National Curriculum Outline.

It will mainly cover one language, mathematics and environment. They will be taught Sanskrit instead of language, while in place of mathematics, Vedic mathematics and environment will be replaced by lessons related to environment in Vedas. The National Institute of Open Schooling, an institution affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, has developed a new curriculum after a long exercise which will also start the process of admitting children from September. At present, the pace is also showing.

This is on the agenda of the 100 days of the government and NIOS. At present, studies in schools are conducted only in Hindi and English. According to Professor CB Sharma, President, NIOS, the National Curriculum Framework has been taken care of in preparing this course for schooling. Also, the course is being prepared in which each class will have its own syllabus.

The examination will be held only three times between the first and eighth studies. The first examination will be held at the level of 3rd standard, which will be based on the first, second and third grade syllabus, while the second will be at the fifth level, which will include the 4th and 5th classes. Similarly, the third examination will be held at the level of VIII, which will include the entire syllabus of 6th, 7th and 8th. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the country. At present, the declining interest of the people is a matter of concern.