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We'd Give Up PSLs Forever to Get Our Hands on the 28 Best Bags of Fall 2019

Pop Sugar 2019-08-13 02:31:06

You can never have enough handbags — it's just a fact of life. I have a serious purse addiction, and I don't plan on reining it in anytime soon. That's why I'm the right editor for the job when it comes to hunting down the very best options to buy online this Fall. It's my favorite time of year to shop for new releases — I can't deny I save up just for some special Autumn investments.

If you're wondering what sorts of purses will be hot next season, look no further than this list. Get your hands on one of these designs while you can, because we have no doubt they'll be flying off the shelves. It's time to shift into shopping mode. Fall, we're coming for you (in style).