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Shifting of Telangana Secretariat is Now Completed

AP Herald 2019-08-13 16:55:00
The shifting of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has performed Bhoomi Pooja for the new Secretariat in June. Some or all of the existing Secretariat Buildings will be razed down for the construction. kcr who did not come to the Secretariat for the last two years came for the Bhoomi Pooja. 
From the very next day, the shifting of the Secretariat has started. Starting Tuesday, the Telangana secretariat begins work from new premises – Burugula Rama krishna Rao Bhavan. The chief minister’s office and a few other important offices were shifted to Metro Rail Bhavan near Begumpet.
Even though kcr never comes to Secretariat, they had an office ready for him in case. The opposition parties have found fault with kcr for going ahead with the secretariat shifting though the issue is still pending in the court. But then, the Telangana Chief Minister is hopeful of getting a favorable judgment from the high court and so went about shifting of the Secretariat. The Government has to finalize the design and begin the construction. The Project is expected to cost 500 Crore and very soon, Global Tenders will be floated for the same.