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Hong Kong Airport Reopens, Flights Back on Schedule After Overnight Protest

Latestly 2019-08-14 08:29:00

Hong Kong August 14: The Hong Kong International Airport returned to normal operations on Wednesday, following clashes between police and protestors. According to CNN, more flights appeared to be running on a schedule based on one of the departure boards at the airport. Moreover, the airport was cleaned up and graffiti was covered up with white sheets of paper. As scores of protestors blocked departure areas at the airport, flights from Hong Kong were cancelled or delayed for two days. Hong Kong Airport Cancels All Departing Flights After Fresh Anti-Government Protest.

Hong Kong Police on Wednesday arrested five people for "possession of offensive weapons and assaulting officers". "Police have arrested five persons for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapons, assaulting police officers and breaching of the peace," Sputnik quoted the police's statement.

Hong Kong government condemned the recent demonstrations of protesters at the Airport which resulted in violence and attacks on police. "The Government severely condemns these violent acts, which are outrageous and have overstepped the bottom line of a civilised society. The Police will take relentless enforcement action to bring the persons involved to justice," the statement said.

Amidst the chaos, protesters detained a reporter for Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times and zip-tied him to a luggage cart.Hong Kong has been in the throes of protests since early June. The demonstrations were triggered by a now-suspended bill which would allow suspects to be extradited to China to face trial. Hundreds of Pro-Democracy Protesters Stage New Rally at Hong Kong Airport.

Even though the bill has been suspended by local authorities, the protests have continued and taken on a more pro-democracy outlook. Protesters have also demanded an inquiry into police authority and alleged brutality. Several clashes have taken place between protesters and the police ever since the beginning of the agitation.China has decried the protests, with one Chinese official alleging that the demonstrations have "begun to show signs of terrorism."

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