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Our hero - Dhanush Menon - helps Karnataka Flood victims 2019-08-17 11:20:32

The rescue efforts at Belgaum still continues even as I type this. While Army and NDRF along with civil administration took the reins of rescue through boats, the rescue through air efforts were done by helicopters of IAF and Indian Navy.

Two Mi 17s and One Chetak helicopter participated in the rescue efforts of the Air Force. Indian Navy sent in two ALHs (Advanced Light Helicopter) from its aviation base at Goa.

Whilst I am unaware of the depth and width of rescue efforts on ground by the Army and NDRF, I am sure that they did a stellar job guaging by the snaps and videos being circulated. Towards throwing some light on the air efforts by Navy Helicopter, I am sharing a few snaps and videos below.

Flood Gates open- Many dam shutters had to be opened due to incessant rainfall and water levels reaching alarming scales. One of the many dams with all its shutters open (above).

Gokak falls was furious (below). It had anger writ all over it by the swirls and the mist of spray that always engulfed it.

The opened dam shutters across the geography of the state rendered most villages on its downstream inundated.

All roads lead to


At many places the first floor was submerged and water treaded to second floor. The snap above is after the water had receded to an extend. Still not a happy sight.

This bridge was fully submerged few days back. We couldn't even actually make out that a bridge even existed there. Now that the water receded, people take a leap of faith in their cars to drive across to get back to humanity from being stranded. The bridge is not completely submerged anymore; however, the flow of river is still above the bridge at many parts. Definitely dangerous to cross on a small car!