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Former Air Vice Marshal Kapil explains Art 370, Kashmir issue

Siasat Daily 2019-08-17 21:38:19

Srinagar: Quoting Sheikh Abdullah’s statement in Constituent Assembly, “Normally, under the principles governing the Partition of India, our riyasat of Jammu and Kashmir should have gone to Pakistan but we chose India for its secularism, its caring nature towards the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir”, Mr. Kapil Kak, former Air Vice Marshal explained Article 370 and Kashmir issue.   

How Kashmir became part of India? What is the importance of Article 370?

On 26th October 1947, Kashmir acceded to India. This decision was taken following the raid by Pakistan into Kashmir to annex it.

It may be noted that the ruler of Kashmir acceded to India only for defense, foreign affairs and communication.

This special status of the State was incorporation in the Constitution of India.

Because of this historical background, Article 370 was inserted in the constitution of India.

Current Kashmir issue  

Mr. Kak said, “My assessment is that a certain element of savagery by the government in mutilating the State of Jammu and Kashmir, possibly because it’s a Muslim-majority state, possibly also because the Centre wants to ram down its own beliefs and value system”

Jammu and Kashmir State to UT

Mr. Kak said, “Normally, logically, historically, morally, ethically, a Union Territory gets elevated to a State”. However, Jammu and Kashmir State now became Union Territory.

Mr. Kak termed the step as mutilation of the grand concept of federalism.

Kashmiri people

Explaining the thinking of Kashmiri people, Mr. Kak said that they have a sense of identity.

Mr. Kak stress on the ways to know the views of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on Article 370.

He further alleged, “The Kashmiris have not let down India, India has let down Kashmir”.

Who is Kapil Kak

It may be mentioned that Mr. Kak is a Kashmiri pandit. At the age of 17, he joined the Indian Air force. He served the country for nearly 40 years.