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Children with special needs require better care: Ruia Hospital

Hans India 2019-08-19 01:58:53
Head of Psychiatry department Dr N Nageswar Rao addressing the parents of children with special needs. Dr G Ravi Prabhu, Judge G Ram Gopal and Dr B Sidda Naik are also seen.

Tirupati: A programme was organised by the Department of Psychiatry in Ruia Hospital on Sunday for the parents of children with special needs and several parents have attended the programme. The parents of children with special needs have to accept the reality and need a lot of patience to tackle various hurdles in day to day life. About one percent of total population are mentally retarded (MR), it was revealed.

There are several types of disorders like mental retardation, autism deficit, hyper activity disorder etc., said Dr I Vamsi Krishna of Psychiatry Department. He said to The Hans India that the brains of children with mental disability do not develop properly which have four levels – mild, moderate, severe and profound.

On the other hand, autistic children will suffer from symptoms like impaired social communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal, repetitive and rigid behaviours but may have good IQ levels. After diagnosis, based on autism scales course of treatment will be decided and mostly they need therapies than medical treatment.

When children are suffering from autism and need special care, parental care would be a must, stressed Dr Vamsi. They need to be joined in special schools to give training on special skills, which are imbibed in them their condition may improve. He underlined that it is not a disease but disorder.

The doctor said that adolescent girls and pregnant women need to be given special care by providing nutritional food and regular follow-up and health care. These are known as primary preventions which can avoid ill effects to a maximum extent.

Professor and Head of Psychiatry department Dr N Nageswar Rao, Dr D Aruna, Dr P Ramya Keerthi, Dr Harish from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, Paediatrician Dr Tirupathi Reddy, 4th Additional District Judge G Ramgopal, SV Medical College Principal Dr G Ravi Prabhu and Ruia Hospital Superintendent Dr B Sidda Naik have spoken on the occasion.