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Divya Drishti: Shikhar is again possessed by Pishachini

Telly Chakkar 2019-08-19 12:38:00

Divya Drishti: Shikhar is again possessed by Pishachini

MUMBAI: The episode begins with the Shergills trying to control Shikhar. Divya is shocked as her powers aren't working anymore. Divya and Drishti realize that Pishachini's last Ratna is working. Rakshit assures Romi that everything will be fine and tells him to take care of Divya. Pishachini, on the other hand, is contemplating a plan while Shikhar hears the voice of her pinch. Romi consoles Divya as she cries and feeds her chocolate to uplift her mood. Drishti blames herself for all the wrongdoings. Rakshit makes her understand that she isn't at fault. Drishti packs her bags and decides to leave the Shergill house. At the same time, Rakshit makes it a point to accompany her. They get into a heated argument over this.

Rakshit tells Drishti that he cannot survive without her and wants to be with her every time. Drishti apologises to him and promises that she will never leave him. They share romantic moments. Pishachini tells Shikhar to behave nicely and win everyone's heart. Pishachini plays the dumroo and Shikhar turns into the Daitya Vaanar.

Divya tries to control Shikhar and Drishti comes to see if he is fine. Looking at Shikhar's ill health, the Shergill decide to call off their Independence Day plan. However, they go ahead and celebrate both Independence Day and Rakshabandhan.

Next morning, the Shergill sisters tie Rakhi to Rakshit and Shikhar while Divya and Drishti tie Rakhi to Romi. Divya ties a taviz to Shikhar and Rakshit informs about the other plan. Romi will stay handcuffed with Shikhar and others will enjoy the Independence Day event. Shikhar is possessed again by Pishachini.

Rakshit hosts Independence Day and briefs everyone about the activities planned for the day. Pishachini plants a bomb at a building. Divya tells Drishti that she will help her get Kaal Vijay Ratna. Shikhar offers them help and says he has got more powers ever since he became a Daitya Vaanar.

Meanwhile, Rakshit informs Divya that Drishti threatened to leave him last night. Rakshit and Drishti share a cute banter. Divya ties a Rakhi to Drishti and so does she.