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Kawach Mahashivratri: Angad apologizes to Sandhya

Telly Chakkar 2019-08-19 12:35:00

Kawach Mahashivratri: Angad apologizes to Sandhya

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Aastha overhearing Angad and Sandhya fighting. Sandhya remembers the aghori baba’s words who had told her that the birth of Prem will test her and her relationships. Meanwhile, Shobha packs her bags to go to her maternal house. Usha tries to stop her but finally lets her go. Aastha prays to god to stop the fights between her parents. Suddenly, Sakshi appears and tells her that she can resolve her parents fights. She tells her Aastha to do something in exchange for this. Angad enters Aastha’s room and asks her who she was talking to. Later, Sandhya’s family is preparing to visit Sandhya’s house to wish Aastha on her birthday. Meanwhile, Rekha sees that someone is going to die at 7:30 in Sandhya’s house. Sandhya brings some food for Prem since she has to lock his door until Aastha’s birthday party is over.

Aastha shows her grandfather her tattoo. Then she notice it’s soon going to be 7:30. Her grandfather asks her what’s going to happen at that time but she tells him it’s a secret. Ankit arrives at the birthday party and Sandhya tries to talk to him. But someone calls him and she doesn’t get to complete what she was saying. Aastha sees it’s about to be 7:30 and leaves to do what Sakshi had asked her to. She lies to her aunt and says she’s going to the washroom. Meanwhile, Jolly gets uncontrollable and administers the injection to the househelp who was trying to bring under control. Aastha arrives in the dark room and calls out for Sakshi. Sakshi tells her that she’s going to lock her in the room and her parents will become friends while they try to find her. Sakshi locks her and lights the room’s door on fire. 

Rekha enters the house somehow with the help of a child. She tries to look for the person she drew, who is soon going to die. She’s unable to spot anyone from the family. She finally finds Sandhya and recognizes her as she drew her in one of her pictures but some kids distract her and Sandhya disappears into the crowd. Later, some kids enters Prem’s room while playing. They get into a fight with a Prem and run to complain to their mother. One of the kids mothers hold Prem by the hand and ask whose child is it. Prem scratches her hand and bites it. All the guests get upset by the behaviour of Prem and leave the party with their kids. Aastha feels scared in the dark room that is slowly filling with smoke. Rekha tries to find someone and accidentally enters Jolly’s room. Jolly strangles Rekha but Sandhya saves her. Rekha tells her to rush to save her child. She shows her the picture she made and Sandhya recognizes it’s the storeroom. She rushes there and rescues Aastha who’s unconscious. 

Everybody gathers listening to Sandhya’s hue and cry. Angad performs CPR and Aastha regains consciousness. Everyone asks Aastha who asked her to go to the storeroom. She points at Sakshi who’s standing behind Sandhya. Malini thinks it’s Sandhya and taunts her. But Aastha tells them that it wasn’t Sandhya, it was maa. Sandhya remembers that she had told her about some special friend so she asks her who is it. As Aastha is about to tell them the lights go off. Everyone tries to light a candle or turn their torch on but nothing works. As the lights come one, Aastha disappears. Everyone tries to look for her around the house and Sandhya notices that Prem has disappeared too. Sandhya tells everyone that a random girl in the party had come to tell her about saving Aastha. She thinks Rekha kidnapped her kids. But Rekha arrives and tells her that she was here to save her children, not harm them. Rekha tells everyone that she can see mishaps before they happen and draw sketches of it. She tells them that there’s an evil presence in the house. Sakshi has taken Prem and Aastha to an abandoned cave and threatens Aastha that her mother will have to pay the price of her mistakes. Aastha tries to leave the cave but Prems tells her not to. Sakshi places snakes wherever Aastha runs to escape. Aastha gives up and goes back to sit with Prem. 

Rekha shows Angad some pictures and he recognizes that the other women in the sketch is Sakshi. Sandhya realises that Sakshi has been around Prem and Aastha. They figure out that Sakshi was the one who took away Prem seven years ago. Angad apologizes to Sandhya as he thought Prem was mentally unstable but in fact he was dealing with a monster. Sandhya asks Rekha to help them save their children. Rekha tells her that she can’t draw these sketches on command but she can invite Sakshi’s spirit so that they can talk to her. Angad tells her that it’s quite risky to do so but Rekha agrees to do it anyway since the children are in more grave danger. Rekha performs a ritual and invites Sakshi to possess her body. Sakshi leaves from the cave and possesses Rekha. Prem sees that Sakshi is gone and asks Aastha to run away. She is scared that Sakshi will come back but he tells her that he is with her. He takes her by her hand and both of them run away.