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Dr. Manmohan Singh creates Unique Record, All Veteran Leaders Left Behind!

News Track 2019-08-20 11:20:00

New Delhi: Former PM and veteran Congress leader Dr. Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh has made history. On the Congress ticket, he became the unopposed Rajya Sabha member for the sixth consecutive time. A new record has been recorded after he was elected as Rajya Sabha member for the sixth time. Dr. Singh has been elected as an unopposed Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan. His term will continue till April 2024.

Dr. Manmohan Singh has been an MP from Assam for five times and has been elected from Rajasthan this time. Dr. Manmohan Singh has been named as Rajya Sabha MP for the sixth consecutive time on the same party ticket and has been elected unopposed each time. If Dr. Manmohan Singh had become a Rajya Sabha member from Assam this time, it would have been a new record in itself. However, this could not happen. According to Rajya Sabha secretariat officials, Mahendra Prasad has been elected as Rajya Sabha member for seven times but has been Rajya Sabha MP through voting from various parties.

Renowned advocate and former Union Minister Ram Jethmalani, Najma Heptulla, Ghulam Nabi Azad are among the other politicians who have been Rajya Sabha members for six times. But all these have come on the ticket of different parties. BJP candidate Neeraj Shekhar from Uttar Pradesh has been elected to the Rajya Sabha till December 2020.