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KTR Made Reverse Attack On BJP Working President JP Nadda

Adya News En 2019-08-20 11:14:31

Tending to the constituency level public meeting in Kukatpally, TRS Party working president descended intensely on BJP and its working president Nadda . Recently a man originated from New Delhi and his name is ‘JP Nadda.’ Whatever he said is ‘Abaddala Adda, stated TRS Working President KT Rama Rao. Dear Nadda, this is Telangana gadda and not Karnataka to play foul governmental issues. There are around 28 states in the nations and BJP is governing in more than 20 states.

Is there any express that its administration is offering 24 hours continuous power to ranchers for farming. In any case, TRS drove Telangana government is giving. Likewise almost 50 Lakh individuals are getting annuities in the state. The focal government commitment is simply Rs 200 crore in annuities while Telangana government is putting Rs 10,000 crore, said KTR.

Additionally, BJP pioneers are crying over Kaleshwaram venture. Those BJP pioneers who are making claims ought to go to focal organizations and NITI Ayog which were acknowledging Kaleshwaram venture, Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha. Arogya Sri is obviously better than Ayushman Bharat and the BJP government went to such a degree, that it has duplicated numerous welfare plans being executed by Telangana government, expressed KTR.

Finally, he said not to overlook BJP lost stores in 103 get together voting demographics while it has won four Lok Sabha seats that doesn’t imply that the gathering is developing in the state. BJP pioneers ought to be vigilant before making remarks and ought to demonstrate their claims on the off chance that they have confirmations, closed KTR.