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The rare species of lizard going viral on social media, know its specialty

News Track 2019-08-25 03:51:00

Many species in animals that are becoming endangered. A senior journalist and wildlife activist Jayant Das recently rescued one such endangered Toke Gecko, commonly found in Assam and other northeastern states. New information about the same has surfaced recently. A picture of this small lizard has come to light. Sharing a picture of the palm of this lizard, he tweeted that he saved this reptile from poachers.

Journalist Jayanta claimed in a tweet that the poachers offered him 20 lacs, but he managed to escape from the place. Eventually, he managed to leave Gecko back in the woods. He wrote that he has no regrets of losing money and is proud to save a reptile. Gecko prices are high in the Chinese and Korean markets, as they believe, it can cure HIV disease and extend sex life even after the age of 80 or 90.

Sharing a photo of Gecko, he wrote, "Beautiful fingers on my palm. Rescued this endangered reptile after fighting poachers. The Predators offered me 2 million INR for it. I left Geko in the woods before I met him. I gave up the chance to earn a lot of money, but Am very happy and will always feel proud. Please try to support.

Highlighting the high demand for Gecko, he said, "It is a species of endangered toke gecko found in Assam and the Northeast. They are bought for about US$2 million. These creatures are mostly bought by Korean billionaires in China. These people believe that its tongue-made medicine can cure HIV and enhance sex life after the age of 80 or 90."

Gecko is a type of lizard found in warm climates around the world. They are found extensively in Asia and are known for their medicinal value. It is believed that reptiles cure suppose asthma, diabetes and skin disorders and is also popular in the international pet trade market. People are appreciating the picture and the photos are going viral.