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Farah Khan reacts on sexual harassment allegations against Sajid Khan

News Track 2019-08-28 09:25:00

Bollywood producer-director Sajid Khan was accused of sexually assaulting several women through the Metoo campaign last year. He was then heavily condemned and all of you are aware that Sajid Khan is the brother of famous choreographer Farah Khan. Farah Khan, on the other hand, had not responded to allegations of sexual abuse against his brother for a long time, but now she has spoken a big deal on the allegations against Sajid Khan that you can read here.

Farah Khan recently gave an interview, and during this time, she talked a lot about her personal life and films and opened up the secret. During this, she said on the allegations of sexual exploitation of brother Sajid Khan through the Meetu campaign, that, "I had always been sensitive towards the issue. My only issue was the level of hypocrisy shown by some people. That I think was disturbing. I have no issue with whoever and whichever girl wants to come but those who claim to be the saviors of the society should meat out the same treatment to everyone accused during the movement." she said.

She further said, "You cannot pick and chose that one accused is soaring success on the professional front and I can benefit from it and the other I can throw under the bus. I think that is not a good way to do it. There needs to be a due process, which is yet to come in place. You cannot just say trial by social media because it is a very dangerous phenomenon and can happen to anyone in the course of time."