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People Who Masturbate Regularly More Likely to Hold Managerial Positions and Ask for Salary Hike, Says Study

Latestly 2019-08-28 08:52:05

masturbation (Photo Credit: Usplash)

We knew of the umpteen number of health benefits related to masturbation such as stress relief, period cramps alleviation and even prostate cancer prevention. However, did you know that your masturbating habits were linked with your managerial skills? Highly unlikely, right? Well, that is exactly what a study says. Research done by Univia says that people who regularly masturbate have more probablity of becoming managers at work. Reasons Why You Should Show Some Self-Love During Your Menstrual Period Cycle (Watch Video)

The survey studied the masturbation habits and jobs of 1,012 people and the results were shocking! It turns out people who masturbated a minimum of once a week, were more likely to do well at the workplace. And the benefits don't stop there. The study also said that the number of people who masturbated regularly held high management positions and also earned better. And for all the people who hate salary or raise negotiation, the study says that people who masturbated regularly were 8 percent more likely to ask for a raise. What Is Masturbation? 7 Myths About Self-Sexual Stimulation Busted!

And now that you are really thinking of engaging yourself in some self-love a little more, you must know that according to recent research from Harvard University, men who masturbated more had lowered chances of prostate cancer. In fact, the study also said that men who have 21 or more orgasms per month could cut down the prostate cancer risk by 33%. Show Some Self Love! 6 Health Reasons to Masturbate.

Masturbation has immense other health benefits. Not only is masturbation is known for releasing tension, increase blood flow and enhance sleep quality but also improves the ability to concentrate, improve mood and also improve sex life.