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Stumped For Lunch? Pack These 14 Healthy, Delicious Salads to Stay Full All Afternoon

Pop Sugar 2019-09-06 20:50:06

I'm forever looking for new ways to spice up my usual deskside lunch, and healthy salads (like these 14 fresh options) are a nutritious, filling way to do it. With the right recipe, you can assemble the whole salad beforehand (yes, sometimes even the dressing), pack it up in plastic containers, and have your lunch ready to go for the full work week. Sounds like heaven, right?

These healthy salad recipes pack in nutrients, fiber, and protein while keeping things low-carb and tasty. Even better, with a few meal prep strategies, they can all be made ahead of time and assembled at work, on the road, or during a busy day at home. Wherever your lunchtime takes you, these veggie-filled dishes have your back.