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10 Vastu tips: Cure of disease and live healthy

ifairer 2019-09-07 17:39:52

Every house has one or other Vastu defect or dosh and many occupants who are unaware of this concept of Vastu don't really understand the reason behind prolong illness of people living in that house. Vastu has laid down some important guidelines to be followed by people, for keeping a good health and remain in the best of spirits.

The center of our body is the stomach. The center of our house affects the center of our body. It is important to keep the center of the house empty, neat and clean. A lot of stomach problems happen because of the center of house having a boring, generator, inverter, staircase, toilet etc.

You can make a passage or keep a dining table in the center but no heavy object should be kept there.

The south-east direction affects the health of the females and children of the house. South-west affects the health of elders. Both should not have a slope, underground tent, drainage system, cracks, etc.