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Sonia Kruger reveals her gym-free secret to her toned body

The Advertiser 2019-09-08 12:14:00

Sonia Kruger has been gracing our television screens for years and each time she’s hosting a program or doing her regular gig on the Morning Show, the popular presenter almost always leaves viewers stunned over her enviable figure.

In fact, the one feature she gets the most attention for is her extremely defined arms and toned legs.

Whenever The Voice host posts a photo of herself on Instagram, she is inundated with questions from fans about how she maintains her fit physique.

But Sonia tells us, much to peoples surprise, she rarely goes to the gym.

“I think that’s the common misconception. People look at me and think I’m training everyday at the gym, everyday of the week and I am not,” she said.

“Even when I was training with Dan (her personal trainer) I was supposed to be there twice a week and most weeks I’d only make it one day.”

Instead you will find her doing home workouts.

The recently turned 54-year-old announced the launch of her own dance-based fitness and diet program, Strictly You, after people kept asking her how she got her incredible figure.

“My workouts now are at home, in the loungeroom and it’s with music or if I’m with my friends on a Friday night and we’re having a big glass of wine, I’ll make them dance,” she said while laughing. “I’m that person that’s always trying to teach people how to do a cha-cha.”

She said the ethos to her first ever fitness program is for people to “get fit, have fun and be your best and most fabulous self”.

“This is actually half the reason I did this, because people were sort of saying to me ‘What do you do? What do you eat? What workout do you do? How do you get your arms to look like that?’”

She felt like the natural progression was to create a program that mimics how she trains.

“I just really felt there was a place for it, for people like me, 40-plus, who don’t necessarily want to become a fitness warrior and go and compete in Tough Mudder challenges or run ultra marathons,” Sonia said.

“It’s more a ‘get up, get moving, start eating some really nutritious food’ and help people reach their goals with a bunch of like-minded people.”

Sonia said people will definitely start seeing definition.

“If you look at a dancer’s body, they are fit and toned, not necessarily bulky, but they are fairly light and I think that’s the end goal of this program.”

The program combines dance, exercise and nutrition with full body workouts taking less than 25 minutes to complete.

Sonia choreographed the dance side of things and teamed up with nutritionists and professional trainers to cover the other two aspects.

“I try and do it every day. There’s some days where it’s a little crazy and hectic, but I try make it part of my daily routine as much I can,” Sonia told

There’s also plenty of booty, core and leg workouts from lunges, squats and planks to ab crunches and obliques exercises.


The mother-of-one, who gave birth to her daughter Maggie in 2015, has been a dancer her entire life — she is also happens to be genetically blessed — but even someone with her fitness levels, she has her ups and downs.

“I’ve always had pretty toned legs and upper body strength because I’m a dancer with people always commenting on my arms,” Sonia said.

“A lot of the time I actually try to avoid doing upper body workouts because I don’t really want to be looking masculine.

“But the thing I really struggle with is core because when I had Maggie and she was a caesarean and you become nervous about working out your core.

“Of course there’s a recommended time when you don’t do any exercise and that’s really important.”

But she explained that once she started training again, she began with pilates to regain her strength.

“It wasn’t about weight loss. It was about building back up some strength again, but I found now it’s the one part I really have to work hard on to get results.”


“It’s consistency,” she said almost immediately. “And over the years I have been disinterested at times.”

“I have yoyo’d probably like everybody throughout their life. You have times in your life when you’re heavier than other times.”

She said for her, the danger zone is when feeding her daughter because “I end up finishing her leftovers like most mothers do”.

“It was when I got consistent with exercises and more disciplined with eating food that had nutritional value, was when I found fitness easier to maintain.

“I was consistent when I was young because I was dancing all the time. I was training everyday and competing on the weekends so I didn’t even think about it then but as I got older and work takes precedence, you drop off a little bit.”

She said over the past two years she makes a conscious effort to do some form of exercise or activity that keeps her body moving every couple of days.


Breakfast: Latte (only one coffee a day), yoghurt with honey and nuts

Snack: Macadamia nuts or blanched almonds

Lunch: Salad with plenty of greens and either chicken or tuna, with a bit of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar

Snack: Apple with a bit of peanut butter with almonds

Dinner: Lots of vegetables with a piece of fish (she doesn't eat much red meat since going off them when she was pregnant with Maggie)

Originally published as Big myth behind Kruger’s fit figure