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Got married after running away with her lover, father-in-law raped her

News Track 2019-09-08 04:41:00

Yamunanagar: A young woman ran away from her home for her lover's parents. Both also got married. Stating at the threat from the family, he stayed in the safe house, seeking protection in the High Court. Family members also succumbed to the insistence of the loving couple, after which both started living in the village. But what happened to the girl here, which she would not have imagined in her dream. The girl, who ran away from the lover's house, has accused the father-in-law of raping her. On the direction of the SP, a case has been registered against four people including the woman's husband, father-in-law.

A resident of Le, a village in Chappar police station area of Yamunanagar, married a young woman of another caste after a love affair. According to the complaint given to the SP, the woman stayed with her husband for a few days in a safe house after marriage. A few days later both of them moved to Saharanpur in UP. Here he started staying at the home of the young man's maternal uncle. According to the victim, here the young man and his maternal uncle beat him up. He was held hostage for 20 days. In August, the young man brought the victim to his home in the village. Here the father-in-law started harassing her.

Mother-in-law took off her nose pin and earrings. The victim has alleged that she drank milk kept in the room a few days ago, after which she started feeling dizzy. The victim said that during this time the father-in-law came into the room and raped her. When she regained consciousness in the morning, she saw that she was in the young man's maternal uncle's house. When he protested, he was threatened with death. She somehow got out of the clutches and informed her parents about the incident, after which the police registered a case.