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Pak varsity dumps gender segregation order after furore

DTNext 2019-09-09 21:00:59

After uproar on social media, the Lahore-based University of Engineering and Technology (UET) withdrew the notification that called for gender segregation on the campus.

Lahore: According to a September 6 notification, signed by the UET Deputy Registrar, which went viral on Twitter, the university administration was asked to make separate sitting arrangements for male and female students in cafeteria.
It created outrage on social media and people from across Pakistan criticised and pooh-poohed the focus on gender segregation instead of fixing academic issues.
"India's science and technology universities are sending probes and landers to Mars and the moon. Pakistan's are focused on more important things," tweeted a netizen.
"Pathetic. If our universities are up to this, no wonder we are where we are. Also, are there no checks and balances on the V-C's authority like a faculty senate," read another tweet.
However, after the uproar the UET withdrew the notification on Monday. The UET vice-chancellor later clarified that the notification was "issued without my approval."