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‘New law to ban physical punishment in schools’

Daily News 2019-09-11 03:30:50

A law that bans physical punishments in schools will be introduced shortly. Steps are now being taken to include legal education in the school curriculum from Grade 6 by obtaining Cabinet approval shortly. Thereafter, it will be made a compulsory subject at the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination, said Justice and Prison Reforms Minister Thalatha Atukorale.

She was addressing a meeting after opening a new three-storeyed classroom building at the Kahawatta Primary School as part of the Education Ministry programme to open 500 school buildings under its Nearest School, the Best School project on September 9. Minister Atukorale said the present government has given priority towards the development of education.

She said there was a high incidence of crimes and lawlessness in the country leading to overcrowding in prisons because a majority of people was ignorant about the country’s laws and regulations. As such, schoolchildren should be given proper education about laws and regulations to enable them to prosper in life and move forward.

She said education which was of a high standard in the past, deteriorated later due to politicisation.

“In the recent past, teacher transfers and promotions were performed according to the needs of politicians. The present government has now subjected education to depoliticisation and today, all teachers’ promotions and transfers have been conducted on merit and educational requirements only. Today, teachers need not have to remain on the lists compiled by politicians to obtain a promotion of transfer,” she said.

“There is a union of medical practitioners called the GMOA. People who become doctors after receiving free education in schools and universities at state expense now engaged in strikes inconveniencing innocent patients. The only concern of some of those doctors was the evening channel service and the vehicle permit. The country should get rid of this tragic situation if it was to march towards development and progress,” Minister Atukorale said.