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Mercedes-Benz EQS shows electric vision of the future

The Advertiser 2019-09-11 07:21:00

Vision EQS, centrepiece of the massive Mercedes-Benz exhibit at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show, is more than just a designer’s fantasy. This big limousine previews the German brand’s plans for a future EVs with stand-apart style.

Mercedes-Benz’s new research and development chief, Markus Schäfer, confirmed that key features of the Vision EQS’s design were destined for the showroom. This includes the curvy and crease-free exterior look, which the company calls “one bow design”.

“That’s what you’re going to see in the final product,” Schäfer says. “You can only do this kind of design with the proportions and the architecture of an EV car, where everything is slightly in a different location.”

Under the floor of the Vision EQS is a flat slab of lithium-ion battery pack to power electric motors in front and rear axles. Even powerful electric motors are quite compact, so the axles can be pushed further apart than in fuel-burning cars. This also allows the underfloor battery to grow.

Mercedes-Benz claims a comfortable range of 700km for the Vision EQS, as well as snappy acceleration.

“This is only the first car on this platform,” adds the engineer, referring to the Vision EQS. “We’ve said it’s going to be a platform for large cars and for mid (-size cars). This is a scalable platform which is able to produce more derivates.”

In plain language, this means Mercedes-Benz aims to use the EV technology of the Vision EQS as the base for several smaller vehicles. Maybe not as compact as the C-Class family, but certainly E-Class and GLE-size.

This is a major move by Mercedes-Benz. The only member from its pure-electric EQ sub-brand so far seen is the EQC. This five-door crossover, due in Australia late this year, is based on the existing GLC and has similar looks. The second EQ will be based on the existing A-Class, a company spokesman has confirmed.

There’s an all-new S-Class due from Mercedes-Benz next year, and Schäfer indicates it will be styled around pure internal-combustion and hybrid power. But it will be followed around a year later by the production version of the Vision EQS with its new-look proportions and exterior.

Originally published as Mercedes shows its vision of the future