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Dengue Threat For Hyderabad: Health Emergency Announced

Andhra Wishesh 2019-09-11 10:56:00

Dengue Threat For Hyderabad: Health Emergency Announced: The Telangana's capital Hyderabad is badly affected with dengue and the worrying news is that it is here to stay for the next three weeks. It is told that the number of cases of dengue is expected to take a rise in the next three weeks. The entire city registered ample number of dengue cases. There are over 150 dengue patients in five big hospitals of the city. Most of the private hospitals in the city are filled and reports said there is a long wait for the wards and special rooms for patients in these hospitals. Along with this viral fever too is high in the city.

Fever hospital has 500 beds but the number of patients are already 800. Some of the patients are being sent back as there are no available beds. The Telangana Government revealed about the health emergency and asked the medical staff not to take any leaves for the next two months considering the medical emergency in the state. Telangana Chief Minister instructed the ministers and leaders to monitor with an action plan. Health Minister Etala Rajendar announced that all the leaves for doctors and the medical staff are canceled.

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