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Consumption of e-cigarette along with alcohol is more harmful, know the report

News Track 2019-09-11 10:51:00

Smoking is spreading rapidly among the youth today. It has become an epidemic in the country. smoking has become a common practice in any event. According to the report of the World Health Organization, India is home to 12 % of the world's smokers, which is 120 million smokers. Over 1 million people die every year from smoking in India.

According to the data, 24 % of children under the age of 16 in India have smoked in the past and 14 % are still smoking. Smoking has a fatal effect on the body. This can lead to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, emphysema (the breakdown of lung tissue), and many types of cancer - lung, throat, stomach, and bladder cancer. People who smoke are at increased risk of infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Nowadays the craze of smoking and alcohol consumption is increasing in people. Smoking is consumed indiscriminately in parties or clubs. But according to research, simultaneous intake of both causes more harm than its separate intake. Research has found that the arteries of adolescents suffering from alcohol and smoking begin to harden at an early age. This increases the risk of heart diseases in them. This mixture causes more harm to teenagers than adults.

- The problem of headache starts on waking up in the morning after drinking excessive alcohol at night. The wine makes the skin very pale and lifeless.

- There are dangerous substances inside the alcohol which over time it worsens your liver. Going forward, your liver can also stop working. Its effect starts appearing on our screen. The skin becomes sticky.

Excess of alcohol consumption affects your age for more time. You start getting old quickly.

- Due to the consumption of alcohol and consumption of dangerous substances, it makes the patient of cellulite problem which is more harmful to our skin.

- Smoking causes wrinkles in the skin and premature aging due to the toxic substances present in cigarettes. It makes the skin pale and lifeless. Because of excessive smoking, our body stops supplying oxygen to the skin.


By consuming excessive amounts of cigarettes, you may experience burning and swelling in the stomach and intestine, respectively, which can lead to ulcers in the digestive system. It also later takes the form of cancer.

- Smoking is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, the heart-artery disease which affects a person at every step of life. The nicotine stored in the heart due to smoking damages the blood vessels, and in some parts makes them thicker and narrower, leading to increased blood pressure and unstable blood pressure. Thus, the risk of stroke increases significantly.