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Ram Charan Promotes Dabanng 3, Fans Ask About Sye Raa 2019-09-11 12:25:25

It looks like Mega Fans are really worried about how Ram Charan is actually planning the promotions of upcoming magnum opus "Sye Raa". Amidst this chaos, the mega power star surprised them more by promoting an upcoming Bollywood movie than his own production venture.

A while ago, Ram Charan shared the teaser of Salman Khan's upcoming film "Dabanng 3" which is also releasing in Telugu with the same title. Though the dialogue 'Aatakaina Vetakaina Ready' in this teaser doesn't sound like Charan's voice, rumour has that he is going to dub for the film for Salman's Telugu voice, as he did for Prem Rathan Dhan Payo earlier.

That's good, but when Charan could promote about December 20th releasing Dabangg 3, why is there no word about Sye Raa now? This is what mega fans are asking him on his Instagram page as he posted updated about the Salman Khan flick. Because neither songs nor new teasers nor any special posters of Sye Raa are coming up actually though there is just 20 days for the release, say fans.