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Two sisters tied up and beaten due to a rumour, dozens of people arrested

News Track 2019-09-11 01:00:00

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from New Delhi. In this case, in Saiba village of Thakurganj in Jharkhand, the villagers caught two sisters stating them as vegetable thieves and beat them by tying them with a tree. People also cut their hair. Let us tell you that in this case the women have been admitted to RIMS, where their condition remains critical. At the same time, police have registered a case against 19  known people and two dozen unknown in this case. According to the information received, the sisters who were doing the business of vegetable were buying vegetables from Umedanda Haat and they stopped at Saiba village due to the poor condition.

While going there, someone sparked a rumour that these women were going to steal vegetables from the farm. In this case, the villagers chased and caught the two women in Ratu Chatti market and took them to Saiba village while beating and tied the women to the tree. At the same time, the accused in this case were ready to kill both, when the police arrived and sent them for treatment.

This case is not the first such case, because many such cases have come before this which are surprising. Police started the investigation.