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Rhapsody in motion: Our September cover star Ishaan Khatter promises to charm you

Elle India 2019-09-11 13:49:53

What makes Ishaan Khatter a suitable boy? He’s devilishly charming, moves like the wind, and isn’t afraid to talk about his dreams. ELLE chats with the talented powerhouse.

ELLE: Hi Ishaan! Tell us about the last dream you had that you can remember?

Ishaan Khatter: I have this recurring dream of a huge tidal wave that usually wipes almost everything away. Sometimes when it hits, I’m on a roof, other times I’m on a beach… the location keeps changing. But thankfully, most times, I manage to survive.

ELLE: And something about you that not many people Know?

IK: I like horse riding. I’m not incredible at it, but I’ve been told that I’m a natural—which is amazing because I’ve only done it a handful of times in Auroville and in Leeds. 

ELLE: What’s your ultimate dance jam?

IK: I have way too many, and they keep changing! Right now, it’s Elvis Presley. My favourites are ‘Don’t be cruel’, ‘Teddy bear’, ‘Jailhouse rock’ and ‘Blue suede shoes’.

ELLE: Were you ever on Tinder? What makes you swipe right?

IK: Nothing, unfortunately. I downloaded it once just to see what the fuss was, but I couldn’t figure it out. So, I deleted it. I wanted to try it because my cousin married the person she found on Tinder, and they’re wonderful together—he’s a great guy. I just don’t think it’s for me.

Excerpted from the September issue of ELLE India. Click here to download the copy and subscribe to the magazine.

Ishaan Khatter demonstrates his best moves for ELLE’s September issue. 

Photographs: Tarun Vishwa; Styling: Rahul Vijay; Hair: Team Hakim’s Aalim; make-up: Nishi Singh; Production: P Productions; Assisted by: Pujarini Ghosh (styling), Ananya Panigrahi (intern); Special thanks to Pia Sutaria (choreography)