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Weight Loss: Vitamin C will reduce obesity, know here

News Track 2019-10-09 11:10:00

Walking is good for everyone, if you are not able to get up for a morning walk then there is nothing to worry about. Today we will share information related to you. In research, it has been found that the intake of vitamin C daily can provide the same benefit to the obese people that you get from daily morning walk and exercise.

The micro-vessels in the blood vessels of overweight and obese adults compress the protein. Being over-active reduces the blood flow to the vessels, increasing the risk of vascular disease. ET-1 activity is reduced due to daily exercise but incorporating exercise into the routine can be challenging.

Note that vitamin C supplements were investigated. Which showed that it improves the process of vessels and reduces the level of ET-1. Researchers found that vitamin C supplements reduced ET-1 levels in the same way as daily exercise. Vitamin C works as an effective lifestyle strategy in reducing the amount of ET-1 in obese people.