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Swiss sweet potato campaign is starting well

freshplaza 2019-10-09 17:34:00

The Swiss sweet potato campaign of Batati LLC started a week ago and the first domestic sweet potatoes of the new harvest were delivered to the customers. Co-CEO Simon van der Veer gave a short commentary on the current start of the season.

Simon van der Veer and Christian Hurni of Batati LLC

The plots harvested so far show medium to good yields and show good quality, a ccording to van der Veer. "There were problems in the spring with the young plants, which on the one hand saw some stunted growth. Quite a lot of the tubers were malformed and tubers like these are not marketable. "Despite these difficulties, we expect an average harvest.

Currently, ten other producers of sweet potatoes are growing produce together with the owners of Batati (Christian Hurni and Simon van der Veer), for this marketing organization. The sweet potato market a nd cultivation both seem to be consolidating in Switzerland. Batati LLC has also set the goal to market all the growth.

Processing project
At present, the smaller caliber tubers nor the malformed tubers are marketable, explains van der Veer. Therefore, the food industry has been approached to process these unsaleable tubers into sweet potato flakes or dried goods. "That works, and now customers have to be found for this exciting product," concludes van der Veer.

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