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Rescued from sex slavery, red tape traps Bangladeshi girls in India

News Summed Up 2019-10-09 05:30:00

"Living in a shelter ... can be traumatic," said Tariqul Islam of Justice and Care, a charity that reintegrates victims in Bangladesh. In the last eight years, Bangladesh has brought home about 1,750 trafficking survivors from India, predominantly women and girls in West Bengal and the western state of Maharashtra. The girls - now aged 16 and 17 - were rescued in 2017 from a brothel in West Bengal where they were held in one room, beaten, plied with drink and drugs until addicted, and repeatedly raped. "Within a day and a half (of her death), all the paperwork was completed and the clearances were in place," said Bhowmick from Sanlaap, an anti-trafficking charity in West Bengal. Weeks after speaking to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the teenager returned to Bangladesh, having spent nearly nine years in India.