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This story must be heard in Kartik month

News Track 2019-10-10 07:00:00

According to the Hindu calendar, the beginning of any month is considered to be on the full moon date and similarly Karthik, the beloved month of Lord Vishnu, is about to begin, but it is said that for pure Vaishnavites, Kartik month has also started from Papankusha Ekadashi on October 9, which will last till Devprabodhini Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a story related to the month of Kartik, which must be heard this month. Let us tell you this story.

There was a moneylender in a city and a daughter-in-law used to eat food. One day he asked his mother-in-law to listen to the story, then the mother-in-law refused and said that I have to worship myself now. He then asked his daughter-in-law that you listen to my story? He also refused and said that I have to cook now. He then asked his brother-in-law to listen to the story, so he also made an excuse that he had to see the children. She then asked her sister-in-law to listen to the story, and she also refused that I had been invited by my in-laws and I had to prepare to leave. She also went to the king to hear my story only, so the king said that I have to see business, there is no time for story.

Seeing his mood, God sends him a plane from heaven. Seeing the plane come from heaven, her mother-in-law also comes to flee, but the daughter-in-law refuses that you have to worship then Jethani comes when she says how will you go? You have to cook. When Devrani comes, she also refuses to take care of your children. When the sister comes, she says that you have to prepare to go to your in-laws' house, so do that. Raja Ji says that I go with you but daughter-in-law says that if you want to handle business then handle it.

Finally, Padosan comes and says sister should I go with you? Then the daughter-in-law says yes! You go with me because you are the one who has heard my story for the whole month of Karthik. Both of them start sitting in the plane to heaven, then on the way, the daughter-in-law becomes proud that I fasted for the whole month of Karthik and told the story so I am inhabited by heaven, but my neighbor has only heard the story, did not fast Nevertheless, because of me, it too is inhabited by heaven.

The daughter-in-law was thinking in her mind that suddenly God threw her down from there. He asked God, tell me my crime, why did you do this? God said that you have become proud, so stay on this earth, now you will fast for five years for the coming star, then only you will get heaven.