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Drunk Couple Caught Having Sex in ScotRail Train From Glasgow to Edinburgh, Video Gets Leaked on Social Media

Latestly 2019-10-24 08:52:06

Couple caught having sex on train (Photo Credits: Video grab and Pixabay)

A drunk couple could not hold back from satisfying their sexual desires and got raunchy on a ScotRail train. Footage of the couple having sex was caught on the train service's CCTV camera and got leaked on Facebook. Needless to say, it raked in a lot of views and went viral. The incident took place last week on a late-night train from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Authorities are now working with the cops to look into the incident and also probing which staff member realised the steamy footage on a Facebook group. Dad Slaps Couple Having Sex in Children's Cricket Ground in Leeds, Watch Video.

It was a 2-minute-long clip which saw the couple kissing before the woman just lay on the table and the man tried to unzip her. He pulled down his own trousers and they started romping, uncaring where they were or if anyone was around. And they casually got down at the next stop! One of the passengers was quoted to The Sun, "This is shocking behaviour for people to be engaging in on a train. It’s clear the couple were so drunk they weren’t aware of what was going on round about them. What if a family with young kids had walked into the carriage or any elderly person. It’s outrageous that they think this is acceptable or funny."

Watch Video of Couple Having Sex on ScotRail Train:

As the video went viral, the cops are not only on the lookout for the couple but also the staffer who may have leaked it online. As the report mentions an insider, "Regardless of the content, it’s obviously unacceptable that this could have been a staff member in a position of responsibility who has made this public. There are a few people who could have had access to the footage and bosses will be working to establish who has videoed it and leaked it online," They further added that serious action will be taken against the person. Wasted Florida Couple Has Naked Sex in Police Patrol Car After Being Arrested for Drunken Bicycling (Watch Video).

People on social media were also shocked to see such raunchy behaviour on a public service train. Although the train coach was empty at that time, such kind of X-rated activity is certainly questionable. Although this is not the first time such a case has emerged online. Last month, an elderly couple was caught having oral sex in a rush-hour train. Both of them pleaded guilty and were told to do community service for more than 100 hours.