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How Food Prep Has Helped Me Fight My Bipolar Disorder

PsychCentral 2019-11-04 09:45:33

Feeling proactive

Being prepared for the days ahead and knowing that I have planned healthy meals and prepared food for our little family with help from my wonderful husband, allows me to feel proactive and empowered. I am using everything at my disposal to beat my mental illness, not to allow it to dictate my life. Often during the week I am too tired or my mood is too low to make a healthy meal, so it’s tempting to eat something unhealthy or get a takeaway: food prep means that we have healthy, tasty meals there that we can just heat up to curb this need.  I have that satisfaction of knowing that I am taking action, taking control of my own life rather than allowing bipolar disorder to take that control away.

Eating healthy

By eating healthy you are giving your mind and body the nutrients, the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at it’s best; it’s not going to magically cure my mental illness but it certainly gives my mind and body the fuels it needs to function in the best way it can. I want to know that I am doing all I can to give myself the best chance possible at a healthy, happy life.

Helping to combat medication side effects

One of the main side effects of the medication I take to treat my bipolar disorder is weight gain, and while I’m a very confident person, I also want to be as healthy mentally and physically as possible, and so being overweight does worry me. Food prep helps me to try and combat the weight gain caused by my bipolar disorder, helping me to keep my weight under control and to aid me in getting healthier.

Reducing stress and guilt

Before I started food prep I would often feel very stressed if I wasn’t up to cooking and sorting out a healthy meal, I would feel guilty that I wasn’t eating in a healthy way and that would compound my depression and other mental health symptoms. This way I have a system that works and therefore reduces those negative emotions.


Anything that I can do to empower myself and fight my bipolar disorder from as strong a standpoint as I can, is something that I want to try. I’m certainly glad that I started this food preparation journey and it’s something that I plan on continuing to implement in my weekly routine.