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Docs find pot-filled balloon that was lodged in Aussie man’s nose for 18 years

Delhi News-Record 2019-11-06 21:58:42

Docs find pot-filled balloon that was lodged in Aussie man's nose for 18 years

Published on: November 6, 2019 | Last Updated: November 6, 2019 11:28 AM EST

Doctors found a balloon filled with marijuana lodged up the nose of an Australian man. (British Medical Journal)

An Australian man couldn’t figure out what he’s suffered from multiple sinus infections for close to two decades.

That’s because he forgot he had a balloon filled with marijuana lodged up his nose cavity for 18 years.

According to a case study published in the British Medical Journal, an unnamed 48-year-old man was referred to doctors at the Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, after complaining about headaches.

When the medical staff performed a CT scan on the man, they found what looked like a calcified lesion in his nose. Upon closer inspection of the man’s schnozz, doctors removed “a rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter.”

After removing the suspected rubber object, doctors grilled the patient about its contents. The man recalled a time when he was about to be locked up in prison and his girlfriend left him with a gift to remember — a balloon filled with weed.

In order to smuggle it into prison, the man said he lodged it up his right nostril but ended up inhaling it higher up the breathing cavity than expected.

The man told docs he thought he swallowed the balloon and forgot about it. Since then he’s suffered from a number of sinus infections.

Needless to say, the man can now breathe a sigh of relief. His sinus woes are gone after the balloon was removed.