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Chinese Man Wakes Up With Terrible Pain in Ears, Finds Out Family of Cockroaches Living Inside His Ear Canal

Latestly 2019-11-07 15:00:23

Cockroaches grow in Chinese man's ears (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A man in China who experienced terrible pain in his ear was shocked to find out that it was caused by cockroaches. The mother parasite entered the man's ears and laid over a dozen eggs. The patient, identified as 24-year-old 'Mr Lv' reportedly found out about the cockroaches after he asked family members to shine a light in his ear. He could experience steady discomfort in his ear coupled with the sensation of something crawling. Georgian Woman Found Decomposing With Maggots and Cockroaches, was Still Alive and Neglected by Family.

Dr Zhong Yijin, the ear nose and throat specialist at Sanhe Hospital, who treated Lv, told AsiaWire, "He said his ear hurt a lot like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort." There were "more than 10 cockroach babies inside and were already running around". After taking out the cockroaches, he was given ointment and cream. He was discharged from the hospital on the same day. Doctors Removing an Ant From Vietnamese Man’s Ears Will Make Your Stomach Churn (Watch Video)

Yijin said he removed the babies with a tweezer and could also see the mother cockroach which was also taken out. The doctor said that leaving unfinished food near his bed probably resulted in the problem. Dr Jiang Tengxiang, head of the hospital's ENT department was quoted as saying, "Household hygiene helps to prevent the appearance and spread of cockroaches. Disinfect drains and sewers. Use mosquito nets and screens on windows. That'll stop insects from flying or crawling into your nose and ears." Doctors Find Live Spider Spinning Webs Inside Chinese Man's Ear, Watch Video!

According to the report, female cockroaches carry up to 40 eggs.  In a similar incident last year, a Florida woman had revealed that she lived with a cockroach in her ears for nine days. While she was given medication and the cockroaches were removed, she still experienced pain for a few days.