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John Cena on Shay Shariatzadeh being compared to Nikki Bella: Thank you so much for asking that question

Pinkvilla 2019-11-08 20:29:06

John Cena revealed he is extremely happy with Shay Shariatzadeh. He also addressed the question of Shay looking like Nikki Bella.

John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh have been dating from earlier this year. The Fast & Furious 9 actor made his relationship official when he walked the red carpet with Shay a few weeks ago. They have been reportedly having the time of their life with each other. While fans are happy to see Cena happy, they have been pointing out that Shay reminds them of Cena's ex-fiancee Nikki Bella. Just a reminder, Cena broke up with the Total Bellas star last year. 

When the Suicide Squad 2 star appeared on the Today show this week, host Andy Cohen decided to take a chance and find out his opinion on the popular theory that Nikki and Shay look similar. Cena tackled the question with such ease. He said, "Andy, thank you so much for asking that question, but I'll keep that as your question and keep those details to myself." 

While he chose to stay mum about the comparison, Cena did reveal he is happy with his life. "I can say with great confidence I'm extremely happy. I always try and give you a little something," he said. When Andy asked him how his relationship with Shay was different from that with Nikki, Cena said, "Well you know every experience in life is a chance for us to know who we are and who we‘re not and just because I went down one avenue in life doesn't mean I'm going to repeat going down that avenue." 

"I think if there is a learning experience for me and a takeaway for me, it's ok to be who you are and it's ok to establish boundaries.  You always ask me about personal stuff and I always say, ‘Thank you Andy for asking, but I'll keep those details to myself' so just because a precedent was set, doesn't mean you need to follow that precedent as long as you take ownership of who you are and I think that's an important message for anybody watching out there," he explained. 

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